About Us

We welcome you to this beautiful area that has about everything you would like to have in a unforgettable vacation experience or a job in San Francisco with the best of a beautiful remote living space and a quick commute to San Francisco. We have lived in this area for 15 years and never get tired of its spectacular views, its central location and it's prolific activities.

After doing much traveling around the world, we felt this was the best possible location for all the activities we enjoy. It has so many gorgeous spots and so many things to do from the most sophisticated to the most away from it all, that we had to live here.

One of the most beautiful things about this spot is that it is ever changing. There are so many beautiful sights from all the pleasure boats to the cruise ships and merchant ships going in and out of the Golden Gate, to Angel Island to explore and see the sights in a 360 degree view as well as Mount Tamalpais where you can see into seven counties and both the Pacific and the Bay, where you can hike and mountain bike for months and still not see it all.